Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bath Time

L: That was not fun! I am not doing that again!
D: Linus, it wasn't that bad.
L: Not that bad! It was horrible! It was inhumane and humiliating!
D: So anyway, Mom went on a little shopping spree with something called a gift card. We got a pink igloo, a wooden tube log, and a few toys which hide food and a door opens or something.
L: Stop rambling and just get to the humiliating part!
D: ...and shampoo.
L: Dad said we smelled bad.
D: So Mom gave us a bath.
L: And now we smell like musty flowers.
D: The water was warm and we were lightly blow dried after snuggling in warm towels.
L: And we still smell like musty flowers.
D: I found it rather nice but it was different since we had never swam in water before.
L: And I still smell.
D: Linus, you always smell. That's why we had to have a bath in the first place!
L: Actually, it's your fault.
D: My fault, how is that my fault. I don't sleep in the litter box.
L: Well at least I use the box.
D: Only for sleeping in. And that's why we had a bath. Because you smell!
L: musty flowers.