Thursday, June 18, 2009

June Bug in Bonnet

D: I cannot believe this!
N: What?
L: Mom is reeaally late this the blog.
N: Well she's been really busy.
D: That is still no excuse. I thought this blog was supposed to be her creative outlet.
L: Well maybe she doesn't love us as much as she says.
N: Geez! You guys are really snippy.
L: It's stuff in the here and I still have my winter coat.
D: Well I'm itchy because I'm shedding.
N: I've noticed. There is hair all over the hammock. You are really no fun to groom.
D: Well excuse me for trying to stay cool.
N: Well I thing I'll go and sleep in the cup. You guys are really no fun.
L: Well as long as you're not sleeping near me. I claim the spot under the wheel as mine.
D: And I have the spot next to the food dish.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


D: So what does endeca mean?
Mom: Well maybe you should ask Newman.
L: So what does endeca mean?
N: It means eleven.
D: And the dad part...
N: Means that I have 11 pups.
L: You mean you are really, for real, a dad?
N: That's why the guy from the pet store said.
D: How are you a dad?
N: Well...before I came to live with you guys, I was living with a doe.
L: And it was just you two?
N: Just us.
L: Oh.
D: What did she look like?
N: Well, she is kind of a soft sandy beige with brown eyes. She was very clean and smelled like hay and strawberries.
L: Was she nice?
N: She was very nice but had a particular way she wanted her cage kept.
D: So that's why you're so clean and well groomed.
N: And she had a exciting sense of adventure!
L: Was her name Beullah?
N: How did you know?
L: Mom has complained several times about your bad habits and how you must have picked them up from Beullah.
D: Mom never had to stuff the bedroom and closet doors with towels before you came here.
N: Well, I just like to explore.
Mom: You probably did a lot of exploring with Beullah.
D and L: What is that supposed to mean?
Newman bashfully takes a piece if kibble and quickly eats it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tummy Time

N: Uh, so hi. My name is Newman and ... I'm the new guy. Uh...
L: Newman, what's wrong?
N: I don't know what to say.
D: But Mom gave you a good week to come up with something.
N: Yeah but I still don't know what to say.
L: Talk about your experiences in the pet store.
D: Or say something about eating new foods.
L: Or your favorite things.
N: Well, I do like lima beans.
D: There's something.
N: And I don't mind the belly kisses. And speaking of belly kisses, why does Mom pick me up all the time to show off my tummy? What exactly is cream filling anyway?
L: I think it has something to do with your white tummy since you have a black coat.
N: But you both have white tummies too.
D: But our tummies are the same color as our backs. And you're younger so your coat is silkier.
N: Oh, so it that why you keep sticking your feet under my belly?
L: Well partly. You're also the new guy. So yeah.
N: I can't believe this! My tummy has turned to the topic for today.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

That New Guy

L: Well as the title suggests, we have a new brother.
D: More like a new bother.
L: He's not that bad; it has only been a few days.
D: Yeah well, he not following you around all the time like a little pup.
L: At least, he's keeping your distracted from me.
D: What's that supposed to mean?
L: I mean, you have been picking on me for a while. You've been grooming me so hard that I actually have thinning fur. So I'm glad he's with you. And admit it, he does have a really warm belly to stick cold feet under.
D: Yeah, well, I'll give him that.
N: So what is happening now?
L: This is called a blog. It is some kind of internet journal that Mom keeps for us.
D: She's trying to tell the world that we are not bad pets.
N: People think we are bad pets?
L: Well people think we carry disease and are dirty.
N: But I clean myself 4 times a day!! Does she think I'm dirty?!
D: No. You're fine. She's just trying to help us bu creating a better image of us.
N: Oh.
L: You know you should say something. Something about yourself for the blog.
N: Like what?
D: Oh anything. Where you came from, what you think, any random thing.
N: Oh, I don't know. Let me think about it. Can I just say anything?
L: Just about.
N: Well, okay. Give me a little time. I don't know what to say.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tea Time

L: It's so cold outside.
D: I know. Listen to the wind.
L: I know. I wonder if this means Mom and Dad are going to have tea?
D: I hope so.
L: I hope so too. I really like,... Mom calls it Earl Grey.
D: I don't like the mint tea Dad drinks. It just smells bad.
L: But Dad likes it. Oo, oo, here they come. Mom is using the green mug. Act cute.
(Darby and Linus look out through the bars of the cage. Dad, feeling guilty, lets both run on the floor.)
L: I've got Mom!
D: Linus, that's not fair!
L: Divide and conquer. Go see what Dad is drinking.
(Linus climbs Mom's pant leg and sits in her lap.)
Mom: Hi Linus. Did you want your shoulders scratched?
(Linus gets his shoulders rubbed, waiting for the opportune moment.)
Dad: Hey Hon, look whom I have?
Mom: I think he wants a drink of your tea.
Dad: Well he's not going to like it, it's mint.
Mom: Linus!!! No! That's my tea bag!
(Linus drags the tea bag from the mug and jumps off the couch trailing tea water behind him.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


D: Linus! Get off me!
L: No! I told you this is my Fruit Loop.
D: But you have to share! *Darby struggles to loosen his front paw*
L: Why?
D: Because I'm your brother, that's why. Can't I just have a little bite?
L: No, go get your own. *Linus finally releases Darby and pushes him away*
D: I would but the Fruit Loops are on the outside of the cage and we are inside.
L: Well, then it's your own fault for sleeping while Mom was getting ready.
D: Please Linus, just one little nibble?
L: I already told you no. And besides I need the Fruit Loop. *Linus carries the Fruit Loop upstairs with Darby following close behind*
D: Why?
L: Because I am starting to loose my status as alpha. You are getting bigger than me.
D: I am already bigger than you but I just let you remain alpha.
L: You just let me? So every time we wrestle, you let me win?
D: Well, not all the time. Mom just wants us to keep the peace.
L: Well now. This explains everything. I'm not going to let you let me win.
**Linus pounces on Darby from the side and Darby pins Linus down with only 2 paws**
L: What? No! Darby let me up.
D: No. I'm going to let myself let you win. And now I think the Fruit Loop is mine.

Monday, January 19, 2009

December Holiday Summary

Mom: Okay, okay, I know, I know. I haven't been the best with keeping up with the blog. And even now I can feel 4 black eyes on my position.
D: Mom! How could you!
L: We trusted you to keep up with our lives!
D: And we have done a lot in the past month.
L: Like boarding at the pet store...
Mom: Well I already have that.
L: Oh. But what about our colds?
D: Yeah, that was a big deal. We had to go to the vet again ...
L: And Dad gave us two medicines twice a day. And then he gave us a little treat.
D: And then you switched our diets.
L: Forcing us to eat the kibble instead of grains every day.
Mom: You still get grain and veggies just not everyday. The vet said it was important for you to eat the kibble because it is well balanced for a baby. And I must admit, I do believe you have grown bigger on the kibble.
D: And the vet said I'm bigger than Linus!!!
L: Yeah, well...that makes no difference. I'm still alpha.
D: We'll see about that.
*The boys scuffle in the background*
Mom: Uhh. These two sometimes never give up.