Thursday, June 18, 2009

June Bug in Bonnet

D: I cannot believe this!
N: What?
L: Mom is reeaally late this the blog.
N: Well she's been really busy.
D: That is still no excuse. I thought this blog was supposed to be her creative outlet.
L: Well maybe she doesn't love us as much as she says.
N: Geez! You guys are really snippy.
L: It's stuff in the here and I still have my winter coat.
D: Well I'm itchy because I'm shedding.
N: I've noticed. There is hair all over the hammock. You are really no fun to groom.
D: Well excuse me for trying to stay cool.
N: Well I thing I'll go and sleep in the cup. You guys are really no fun.
L: Well as long as you're not sleeping near me. I claim the spot under the wheel as mine.
D: And I have the spot next to the food dish.

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