Saturday, April 18, 2009


D: So what does endeca mean?
Mom: Well maybe you should ask Newman.
L: So what does endeca mean?
N: It means eleven.
D: And the dad part...
N: Means that I have 11 pups.
L: You mean you are really, for real, a dad?
N: That's why the guy from the pet store said.
D: How are you a dad?
N: Well...before I came to live with you guys, I was living with a doe.
L: And it was just you two?
N: Just us.
L: Oh.
D: What did she look like?
N: Well, she is kind of a soft sandy beige with brown eyes. She was very clean and smelled like hay and strawberries.
L: Was she nice?
N: She was very nice but had a particular way she wanted her cage kept.
D: So that's why you're so clean and well groomed.
N: And she had a exciting sense of adventure!
L: Was her name Beullah?
N: How did you know?
L: Mom has complained several times about your bad habits and how you must have picked them up from Beullah.
D: Mom never had to stuff the bedroom and closet doors with towels before you came here.
N: Well, I just like to explore.
Mom: You probably did a lot of exploring with Beullah.
D and L: What is that supposed to mean?
Newman bashfully takes a piece if kibble and quickly eats it.

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