Saturday, February 7, 2009


D: Linus! Get off me!
L: No! I told you this is my Fruit Loop.
D: But you have to share! *Darby struggles to loosen his front paw*
L: Why?
D: Because I'm your brother, that's why. Can't I just have a little bite?
L: No, go get your own. *Linus finally releases Darby and pushes him away*
D: I would but the Fruit Loops are on the outside of the cage and we are inside.
L: Well, then it's your own fault for sleeping while Mom was getting ready.
D: Please Linus, just one little nibble?
L: I already told you no. And besides I need the Fruit Loop. *Linus carries the Fruit Loop upstairs with Darby following close behind*
D: Why?
L: Because I am starting to loose my status as alpha. You are getting bigger than me.
D: I am already bigger than you but I just let you remain alpha.
L: You just let me? So every time we wrestle, you let me win?
D: Well, not all the time. Mom just wants us to keep the peace.
L: Well now. This explains everything. I'm not going to let you let me win.
**Linus pounces on Darby from the side and Darby pins Linus down with only 2 paws**
L: What? No! Darby let me up.
D: No. I'm going to let myself let you win. And now I think the Fruit Loop is mine.

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