Monday, January 19, 2009

December Holiday Summary

Mom: Okay, okay, I know, I know. I haven't been the best with keeping up with the blog. And even now I can feel 4 black eyes on my position.
D: Mom! How could you!
L: We trusted you to keep up with our lives!
D: And we have done a lot in the past month.
L: Like boarding at the pet store...
Mom: Well I already have that.
L: Oh. But what about our colds?
D: Yeah, that was a big deal. We had to go to the vet again ...
L: And Dad gave us two medicines twice a day. And then he gave us a little treat.
D: And then you switched our diets.
L: Forcing us to eat the kibble instead of grains every day.
Mom: You still get grain and veggies just not everyday. The vet said it was important for you to eat the kibble because it is well balanced for a baby. And I must admit, I do believe you have grown bigger on the kibble.
D: And the vet said I'm bigger than Linus!!!
L: Yeah, well...that makes no difference. I'm still alpha.
D: We'll see about that.
*The boys scuffle in the background*
Mom: Uhh. These two sometimes never give up.

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