Monday, December 8, 2008

Mr. Sniffles

D: Ahchoo! Ahchoo!
Mom: Oh honey! again?
D: I think I have a cold.
Mom: I think you do too.
D: Ahchoo! Ahchoo! Ouch, that hurt.
L: Mom, is he contagious?
Mom: Probably, that's why the vet has you on medicine as well.
L: Oh. Well in the mean time, can't you put him somewhere else?
D: Hey look, I didn't choose to get sick, I just did.
L: But he's annoying to sleep with because his sneezes cause the hammock to shake.
D: And it causes me to shake too. Sometimes my sneezes hurt.
Mom: Linus, please just put up with it. Your brother isn't feeling well and he just wants to snuggle.
L: But he sneezes on me. And I don't want to get sick.
Mom: You've already been exposed. And if you do get sick, hopefully it won't be as bad.
D: Mom, can I have a little more of the chicken broth?
L: And me too?
Mom: Sure.
D: The warm broth feels good.
L: And we both get treats if the other gets some.
Mom: Okay, here you are. Linus, let Darby go first.
L: Okay, okay. But I still don't see why I have to. Ahchoo!
Mom: Uh-oh.

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