Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Mom: Well now. I think the boys are well rested after their stay at the pet store. Linus is finally eating Fruit Loops again and Darby runs around trying to find new hiding places. From what I was told, it sounded like the boys may have changed a few minds about rats.
L: I like to think of yourselves as rat ambassadors.
D: But I was the one who got petted by a little girl.
L: We both had our turns out of the cage and meeting new people. I really liked the tall man.
Mom: I remember you took to his shoulder when I dropped you off. I didn't even get a kiss.
L: Well, I just know who are rat people and who are not.
D: I also sat on the tall man's shoulder too. He said that I was his rat buddy since his girl had babies and was busy with them.
Mom: He did say that in his notes.
L: We came out everyday and were escorted around the store.
D: And we got to see a lot of other animals. Some had fur or feathers and we even saw some of the same fish like at home. But they didn't know us and hid in their plants.
L: I also observed first hand how commerce is performed. Did you know that money is like paper towels?
D: And there was this young man who kept giving us Fruit Loops!
L: So many Fruit Loops!
Mom: Oh, so that's why you didn't eat any when you got home? I did notice the container has half gone and I know we filled it before we left. You usually don't get that much at home.
D: But they are so good!
Mom: So over all, would you say you had a good time?
D: We had so much fun! And we got away with more stuff than you allow.
L: The humans were courteous and professional and ...
D: A whole lot of fun! So when are we going back?
Mom: Well, I don't know.
D: Well whenever.
L: But please, tell us before hand. I really don't like surprises.
Mom: Okay, I promise. Hey where are you going?
D: Well, I'm hungry.
L: And I'm...I'm hungry too?
Mom: You want a Fruit Loop?

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