Monday, December 1, 2008


Mom: Well, we made it back! After eating real homemade food for four days and we are still full. The boys seemed like they had a good time.
Dad: But they are so exhausted. We brought them out to play but they wouldn't leave our shoulders. And they even passed up Fruit Loops.
Mom: I think they had a little too much excitement and I'm going to give them another day to adjust to being at home again.
Dad: Although it sounded like Darby had a good time.
Mom: Oh, no doubt. He is the more social of the two. But Linus does not like change and was sleeping so hard this morning that he wouldn't even give me a kiss.
Dad: Darby was right to the veggie dish this morning.
Mom: And by the time I got up, there were still veggies left and both boys were heavily sleeping.
Dad: So then, just let them sleep.
Mom: I'll try but they're so cute!
Dad: But, like you said, they've had a big weekend. You know how good it feels to come home after a vacation, well the rats need that time too. So let them sleep.
Mom: I'll try but anyone with disproportionate ears compared to their face are cute!
Dad: So is that why you married me?
Mom: Well, your ears do stick out a little.
Dad: And your hair covers up yours.

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