Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Start of an Adventure

L: I think something is up.
D: What do you mean?
L: I mean Mom and Dad are not telling us something.
D: You are such a pessimist.
L: Well, look at their actions. Today Mom and Dad were making a list of what to take out of the cage. And Mom brought out the plastic box with holes. That was the same box we traveled to when we visited the lady that picked us up and listened to your breathing and then she weighed us.
D: You're right. It is the same box.
L: Like I said, something is up.
D: And we have been getting a lot of kisses recently.
L: And all the extra attention.
D: Oh no! Are we moving?
L: I think we might be.
D: But for how long?
L: I don't know Darby. It could be forever.
D: No! Who is going to groom Mom's eyebrows in the morning and who is going to scurry across the floor and piddle in her backpack and who is going to run in the wheel at 3 am?
L: I don't know.
D: I don't want to move! I like my pink igloo, I like my fleecy tube, I even like that blue pan in the corner!! I don't want to go!
L: I don't know if we'll have any choice.
Mom: This adventure will have to continue at a later time.
D: What? You mean we aren't going to find out what happens to us? Where are we going?
Mom: You'll find out tomorrow.
L: You are sending us away.
Mom: Dad and I are going away for a longer time than I feel comfortable with leaving you two alone. But we will come and get you again.
D: So we are moving?
Mom: No, more like going on a little vacation.
L: And we didn't get a say in this?
Mom: I taking you to a place you should be familiar with and I have a feeling you will have a wonderful time.
L: I doubt it.
D: I still don't want to move.
Mom: You two will be fine. But as I said earlier, to be continued.

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