Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tea Time

L: It's so cold outside.
D: I know. Listen to the wind.
L: I know. I wonder if this means Mom and Dad are going to have tea?
D: I hope so.
L: I hope so too. I really like,... Mom calls it Earl Grey.
D: I don't like the mint tea Dad drinks. It just smells bad.
L: But Dad likes it. Oo, oo, here they come. Mom is using the green mug. Act cute.
(Darby and Linus look out through the bars of the cage. Dad, feeling guilty, lets both run on the floor.)
L: I've got Mom!
D: Linus, that's not fair!
L: Divide and conquer. Go see what Dad is drinking.
(Linus climbs Mom's pant leg and sits in her lap.)
Mom: Hi Linus. Did you want your shoulders scratched?
(Linus gets his shoulders rubbed, waiting for the opportune moment.)
Dad: Hey Hon, look whom I have?
Mom: I think he wants a drink of your tea.
Dad: Well he's not going to like it, it's mint.
Mom: Linus!!! No! That's my tea bag!
(Linus drags the tea bag from the mug and jumps off the couch trailing tea water behind him.)

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