Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Greetings and Welcome

Hello to everyone! My name is Darby and my name is Linus and we are black-hooded rats.
L: We asked our mother to document our lives.
D: And since Mom has opposable thumbs, she was more than willing to help type!
L: Mom will reflect our experiences through your human language and then maybe she'll add comments of her own.
D: And give us Fruit Loops!

L: Maybe, but Fruit Loops are a treat.

D: Although we get some everyday!
Mom: Okay you two, it's time for bed.
D: Now?
L: But is actually like 11 am for us.
Mom: Well then I'm going to bed. Darby I put some Kleenox in the cage for the nesting box, it's supposed to be a little chilly tonight.
D: Can you give me some more, Linus eats the Kleenox.
Mom: Linus.
L: Well you give us cardboard to chew on and Kleenox is like cardboard just softer.
Mom: The Kleenox is meant for sleeping on not eating. Just don't eat too much. Alright then, say good-night
D: Night!
L: Until later.

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little miss gnomide said...

This is simply adorable. I love it!