Wednesday, October 8, 2008


D: You will never believe what Mom made us do. She made us take pictures.
L: The pictures are for the blog.
D: Yeah, but we had to stay still for like five seconds. And when you live to be only two years, five seconds is a long time.
L: Oh Darby, it wasn't that bad.
D: Well she wasn't trying to pick you up and move you.
L: I just happened to always be in the frame.
D: It's only because you're older.
L: Age has nothing to do with it. I am just more photogenic. And besides we got a lot of Fruits Loops.
D: And peas and spaghetti.
L: Yes, and some peas.
D: Linus, I've wanted to ask you, why don't you like cranberries.
L: I don't care for the flavor.
D: But they're like raisins.
L: Which raisins, the fruit or the other thing. Because they remind me of poo and that's why I don't like cranberries.
L: Are you listening to me?
D: Yes, yes.
L: I just don't like cranberries.
D: Alright, so you don't like cranberries. I think we have established that. Anyway, if you don't mind, my fur won't lie straight. I look like I've been cow licked!
L: Well if you just sat still, you wouldn't have this problem.
D: Oh shut up Linus, mister perfect fur. You remember I see you in the morning before Mom gets up. I know what you look like after sleeping in the cereal box, Mr. Fluffy.
L: Shh, Darby. Mom will hear us as she's typing and put this on the blog.
D: I think it's too late.
L: Mom!


little miss gnomide said...

They sound just like brothers. It's so much fun to read this blog. :)

David said...

Hey guys! Neat blog. It was sure swell to meet you two yesterday...

While having a fun filled pumpkin adventure, we were telling your parents about our visit to the Sears Tower... There's a blog entry about it here:

Have a fab day!!!

-David and Gwen