Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Updated Pictures

D: Look Linus, it's after midnight and Mom's still up.
L: I know. I thought she was a day-person. She seems busy, she's not even paying attention to us.
D: And she hasn't given us our trail mix yet. Mom! We're hungry!
L: Ooo, look Darby, remember when we took those pictures...they're on the blog now.
D: Oh yeah, I'm so cute!
L: So that's what she's been doing. It seems unusual for her to be so productive. I think something is up.
D: Don't you remember her mentioning something about a grandma coming to visit. What is a grandma anyway?
L: I don't know, but I think we can expect more visitors this weekend like last.
D: I remember. That one girl with the red curly hair was nice. Her hair tickled my nose!
L: I don't remember her, I sat on the shoulder of a guy with no hair and lots of different patches on his arms. He was nice but just different.
D: I can't believe you were scared of him.
L: Well he wasn't Dad. And you should talk. When Mom put us on the floor for playtime, you were on her lap. We had the whole living room to explore and still you kept near Mom.
D: It's new and big and ... well you didn't even leave the blanket! You had the whole room and you didn't even leave the blanket. Admit it, you were a little scared too.
L: Mom doesn't want us wandering off the blanket yet.
D: Augh! You are impossible!
L: Impossibly cute or...
D: Sometimes just plain difficult! I'm going to bed.
L: Night.
D: Humph!