Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grandma and Toast

Mom: Phew! What a weekend.
D: I know. It was so busy with everyone here. But the Grandma was nice, she kept giving us toast. I like toast.
Mom: And I know she really liked you guys. You were very cute!
L: Now a Grandma is a mother's mother so was that your mom?
Dad: No, she's mine.
L: Oh, okay. You do have the same coloration.
Dad: Thanks Linus.
L: I'm just saying you look like family.
D: Yeah and Linus was the only one without a black streak or spot on his back.
L: I do too have a black spot on my back!
D: It's more like a smudge! .
L: Dad! Aren't you going to do something?
Dad: Like what?
L: I don't make him apologize.
Dad: He's just teasing and your the older one so technically you should know when he's acting up and ignore him.
L: But I sleep in the same hammock as him. He is hard to ignore.
Mom: Well, just live with it. That's the fun part about having siblings.
D: Yeah Linus, you should like me. I like you.
Mom: Aah, there now. I think that counts as an apology.
L: But he's still smiling.
Mom: He loves you.
L: Yeah right.
Dad: Alright you two, enough bickering. Who wants toast?
D: Oh, oh! I do, I do!
Dad: Linus?
L: Is there any rice left?
Dad: Sure. Rice it is for Linus.
D: I want rice too!
Dad: You can only have one. So is it toast or rice?
D: I guess just toast.
L: And rice for me!

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Ms. Elizabeth Keeling said...

I didn't know rats were so smart--they discuss, bicker, and blog! What's next? :-)