Saturday, March 28, 2009

That New Guy

L: Well as the title suggests, we have a new brother.
D: More like a new bother.
L: He's not that bad; it has only been a few days.
D: Yeah well, he not following you around all the time like a little pup.
L: At least, he's keeping your distracted from me.
D: What's that supposed to mean?
L: I mean, you have been picking on me for a while. You've been grooming me so hard that I actually have thinning fur. So I'm glad he's with you. And admit it, he does have a really warm belly to stick cold feet under.
D: Yeah, well, I'll give him that.
N: So what is happening now?
L: This is called a blog. It is some kind of internet journal that Mom keeps for us.
D: She's trying to tell the world that we are not bad pets.
N: People think we are bad pets?
L: Well people think we carry disease and are dirty.
N: But I clean myself 4 times a day!! Does she think I'm dirty?!
D: No. You're fine. She's just trying to help us bu creating a better image of us.
N: Oh.
L: You know you should say something. Something about yourself for the blog.
N: Like what?
D: Oh anything. Where you came from, what you think, any random thing.
N: Oh, I don't know. Let me think about it. Can I just say anything?
L: Just about.
N: Well, okay. Give me a little time. I don't know what to say.